About My Journey

I am one of the people lucky enough to live their dreams. Many of them.

Rachel Joy Tanzer

Rachel Joy Tanzer


At an early age I fell in love with music and had no idea that passion would later develop my career in the music industry.

As a little girl, my Dad had someone from India come to work for him and one year he brought his daughter who was my age. I could never have imagined that meeting her would become the heart of my future.


From Education to Entrepreneurship

I studied Communications in college as studying the music business in college wasn’t an option then. Immediately after college, I became an Entrepreneur at 20, before technology and social networking. I lived in New York for over a decade where I worked in the music industry in many roles. A dream come true.

As the music industry changed as all industries do, after 25 years doing this, I lost my passion. I no longer cared that much. I felt like my arm was cut off, I’d never done anything else and never had to think about it. During this time, I experimented exploring my other interests and passions. I knew what I was good at but just felt totally lost and was unaware of how to figure any of this out.

From Insecurity to India

I never stopped thinking about India, and knew my soul would never rest unless I took that adventure. So when the opportunity appeared, (opportunities are discovered through hard work, patience, and being open) I packed my bags and headed east on a passage to India. I had never travelled alone to a third world country or anywhere like that. It was a huge challenge and as much as I prepared, I had no idea what that would be like. It was the trip that changed my entire life. I returned a year later as a volunteer and lived in a rural village where I worked on a project that changed the lives of hundreds of women living in rural villages; some of the most rewarding months of my life. I learned so much about myself and led me on a path to a life and a dream I could never have imagined. I got a prestigious job in India working in publishing representing Oscar, Nobel and Pulitzer prize winning authors. I would meet people, go on adventures and have interactions that would change my life forever.

I lived in India for an amazing 7 years and consider it my home.


From Pain to Purpose

Upon returning to the US I felt unsure as to what I wanted to do. The prestigious role I had in India didn’t translate the same here. I would have to start all over. I decided to take time off and figure things out, but as we all know, the bills have to be paid.

I took on some freelance work just to bring in some income. It was during this time I felt lost, confused, useless and hopeless. A middle-aged woman moving from job to job, watching others do the jobs I’ve mastered for years past, roaming from city to city despite being offered full time roles, my heart was not in any of these jobs, and the worst of all of it was that I no longer knew what I wanted and that is extremely scary. What door do you open? What road do you go down? Who is there to help figure that out and how?

That began my hard, bitter, painful and challenging journey to growth and self-discovery that brought me to where I am now. The happiest point of my life, doing what I am meant to do.

Let me share what I learned with you and bring you from
pain to purpose.

My Work

My Approach and Service is based on the theories and work of world renown Logotherapist, Dr. Viktor Frankl

Logotherapy was developed by Dr. Viktor Frankl (1905–1997), a Holocaust survivor, and focuses on a meaning centered approach to one’s life. Thus therapy through searching for one’s unique meaning in life. Logos = meaning. Logotherapy teaches us that it is not we who ask the question of Life. Why me? Why this? Why now? Rather it is Life that asks the questions of us and it is our responsibility to answer Life’s questions.