I’m the person you reach out to after taking an online course that promises immediate and easy change by writing in journals, and offering you inspirational quotes while going it alone.

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It’s time to change things
once and for all.

Not all courses of actions are right for everyone. Some of us are just starting our journey in life and some of us are seasoned and have experience. Some of us are go-getters and can make meet challenges with excitement, while some of us need to take slower steps and require in depth guidance.

If any of these situations sound like you, please explore my services and how I can create your roadmap to a meaningful life and career growth.

One on one Guidance is the best way to invest in yourself in terms of vocation and personal growth.

Service - 8 Week Self Discovery Lab

8 Week Self Discovery Lab

“I have no idea what to do with my life.”

This 8 week self discovery lab enables high school seniors and young adults who are feeling confused and having difficulty with career, vocation or life plan clarity to identify fulfilling work that helps to discover one’s purpose in life by following my 8 Week Self Discovery Lab.

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    This is an intensive 8 weeks, comprising of two, up to one hour video calls per week
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    Each week we will discover and identify what you are meant to do, as we start to plot a roadmap to your dreams
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    Once your goal is identified I will create a blueprint, timeline and start you on a step by step journey to achieving it

6 Week Self Discovery Lab

“I just graduated from college and I don’t want to pursue the field any longer…..what do I do now?”

You just spent thousands of dollars (with student loans) on a degree you no longer have interest in. Now what do you do? You enroll in my 6 Week Self Discovery Lab.

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    This is an intensive one on one, 6 weeks, comprising of two calls per week
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    We will identify who you really are and what made you choose this career and figure out if it’s right for you
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    We will work through the process of finding out how to use what you have learned in college and how to parlay that into doing what you were meant to do in life
6 week Self Discovery Lab
8 Week Career Reset

8 Week Career Reset

“I’ve worked in the same company and career for 20+ years and need to make a career transition but not sure what or how?”

This 8 week self discovery lab enables adults 50+ who are making a career transition to find fulfilling work that will make a contribution to society by following my 8 Week Career Reset for finding meaningful work after 50.

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    We’ll examine your past career and work history and look at what options are available to you
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    Identify what it is you want and what is achievable
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    Opening yourself up to roles and ideas you were not aware of
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    Designing a blueprint for going forward and taking the next step
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    I will guide you on this journey step by step
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Are You Ready To Discover Your Purpose In Life?


Questions you may have about my work

Is a Logotherapist a real therapist or Doctor?

NO. I am not a doctor and don’t have a medical degree. I can’t prescribe or suggest medications. The word therapy is used as a term for a treatment. Please see more on this in the About Me section.

Are you a Career Coach or a Life Coach?

While I’m specifically neither a life or career coach, through the process I consider the elements of your life and choice of vocation, while guiding you to finding what will bring you meaning and purpose at this stage of your life and career.

Is this emotional, like when you go to a therapist?

Yes, more than likely but everyone has different triggers. We are going to examine and discuss your past choices and things that have influenced why you are where you are no matter your age or situation. Some of that may cause tears. Speaking about things that hold us back, regrets we have, and unfulfilled dreams can be upsetting. Make no mistake that these are breakthroughs and exactly what is required to plan for the future, gain freedom and move ahead. I will be there to support you as you move from pain to purpose.

What should I expect at the end of the program?

At the end of any of the programs, you will receive a roadmap documenting where we began to where we end. The program will start by seeing where you are now to where you want to be. Each week will be another step, going on a journey. The result will have you beginning that journey whether you are looking to define a career or vocational choice, find an actual job, or dare to do something you didn’t know was possible for you. My approach is based on the individual and I look forward to learning about you.

Do you do Philanthropy work?

If you have previously been incarcerated for any reason and are having difficulty, finding a job, choosing a career or simply getting your foot in the door, I offer free services if you meet the requirements.

The most efficient way to know if we are right for each other is to take advantage of the free call by booking on my contact page. After a brief phone consultation I will assess how and if I can help you reach your goals and live the life you were meant to live.